Free Educational Resources on Volunteer DVD – August 2016 Edition

Edit: My article is featured in the MIT BLOSSOMS News:

MIT BLOSSOMS – An Unprecedented Learning Opportunity


This is what my DVD looks like!


I happened to come across the MIT BLOSSOMS website while searching for world-class online enrichment opportunities over the net. This free resource has over 175 math and science videos for teachers for use in high school classrooms. However, I got interested in these videos as the topics were closely related to our high school curriculum. I was pretty excited to have discovered this online treasure and started watching these videos on my own, at my home, one by one.

I have prepared a collection of free, high-quality educational resources and have burned them on a DVD for distribution to other learners. This DVD has 25 selected videos from the MIT BLOSSOMS library, NCERT Exemplar Problems books on math & science for relevant theory, and links to some excellent educational websites like edX, MIT OpenCourseWare, Khan Academy, etc. that offer free learning resources. The learners have the flexibility to watch the videos at a time and place they find convenient; they can watch them over and over again to understand the concepts better.

A special thanks of mine goes to Madam Elizabeth Murray, Project Manager of the MIT BLOSSOMS Initiative, whose support and encouragement made this DVD possible.


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